Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How to get difference between two folder using linux command?


Use the following syntax to get difference b/w folders:

 diff  /home/ashwanik/public_www/openid_old /home/ashwanik/public_www/openid_new  |sort

To check recursively go down subdirectories, add -r.

diff -qr <first folder> <second folder>  |sort


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How to create error pages in symfony?

Hi Guys,

Symfony provides following error pages:
1.) indexSuccess.php
2.) error404Success.php
3.) loginSuccess.php
4.) secureSuccess.php
5.) disabledSuccess.php
6.) unavailableSuccess.php

The above files you can find on your project. Below is the location of files;


in controller folder, you will find a "default" module.

so all success files are located in default/templates/

Either change files here OR copy "default" module and paste it into your apps/frontend/modules/

There are two another pages which also need to be customized. you will find these default pages in the symfony_data_dir/web/errors/ directory:

    1) error500.php: Page called when an internal server error occurs.
    2) unavailable.php: Page called when a user requests a page while the cache is being cleared.

To customize these pages, create error500.php and unavailable.php pages in your application's web/errors/ directory.  Symfony will use these instead of its own.