Saturday, 30 April 2011

How to run symfony on dos prompt?


To run symfony in windows machine, you just set the Environment Vairables if not set for php.

Following are the steps to set Environment Variables on window machine:

Right click on MY Computer
Go to properties
Choose the Advanced tab
Click Environment Variables
Now you can edit the environment variables of the system.
In this window, you will see User Variables and System Variables.
If you change in User Varibale then changes will be applicable for your login only.
If you change in System Variable then changes will be applicable for all users.
find "PATH" variable in the list of system variables.
Select it and press edit button given below.

Let Suppose, this example using wamp and wamp installed in D: drive.


append the following line in variable value fields:

this folder conatains php.exe file.

now press OK and save the configuration.

Futher, the most important point. Restart your machine.

Note the ; character. It is used to separate directories in the variables, so be sure it is present.

Again, D:\path\to\php is where your php.exe is located.


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