Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to automatically backup mysql database using cron?

Hi All,

Open crontab in linux server or window server and write the following line. this will backup database each mint.

$crontab -e

press enter and crontab will be opened and write following line:

* * * * * mysqldump -uroot -proot  ipay4me | gzip -9 > /var/www/archive/dbbackup/ipay4me.sql.gz


$vim /var/www/archive/dumpdatabase

Write down following lines into that file:

mysqldump -uroot -hlocalhost -proot ipay4me | gzip -9 > /var/www/archive/dbbackup/ipay4me_$(date +"%d-%m-%Y-%H-%I-%S").sql.gz
exit 0

Set crontab:

50 11 * * * /var/www/archive/dumpdatabase /usr/bin/php Asia/Calcutta >/dev/null 2>&1

This cron will run daily at 11:50 PM


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